Freemasonry Politics and Public Affairs

In "Aims and Relationships of the Craft" we clearly state which is the attitude of the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria about the public affairs. Relevant paragraphs of Grand Lodge's statements are as follows:

  1. Everyone who enters Freemasonry is, at the outset, strictly forbidden to countenance any act which may have a tendency to subvert the peace and good order of society; he must pay due obedience to the law of the State in which he resides, and he must never be remiss in allegiance due to the constituted Authority.
  2. While Freemasonry thus inculcates in each of its members the duties of loyalty and citizenship, it reserves to the individual the right to hold his own opinion with regard to public affairs. But neither in any lodge, nor at any time in his capacity as a Freemason, is he permitted to discuss or to advance his views on theological or political questions.
  3. The United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria has always consistently refused to express any opinion on questions of foreign or domestic state policy, either at home or abroad, and it will not allow its name to be associated with any action, however humanitarian it may appear to be, which infringes its unalterable policy of standing aloof from every question affecting the relations between one government and another, or between political parties, or questions as to rival theories of government.
  4. If Freemasonry once deviated from its course by expressing an opinion on theological or political questions, not only would sow the seed of discord among its own members, but could also lose that detachment, from facts that happen in the society, that has always allowed Freemasonry to live peacefully.


Isn't Freemasonry just another political pressure group?
Emphatically not. Whilst individual Freemasons will have their own views on politics and state policy, Freemasonry as a body will never express a view on either. The discussion of politics at Masonic meetings has always been prohibited.

Are there not Masonic groups who are involved in politics?
There are groups in other countries who call themselves Freemasons and who involve themselves in political matters. They are not recognised or countenanced by the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria and other regular Grand Lodges who follow the basic principles of Freemasonry and ban the discussion of politics and religion at their meetings.

Is the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria involved in politics?
The United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria is definitely not a political organisation, it has no political agenda, and discussion of politics is not permitted at lodge meetings.  
Freemasonry naturally tends to attract those with a concern for people and a sense of social responsibility and purpose. There are members, therefore, who are involved in politics at local, national and international level. Equally there are members who take an active interest in non-Masonic charitable organisations and other community groups.